7 Day Ab Challenge

What you will get out of this week:

  • You will receive an email each day (starting tomorrow!) with a guided tutorial featuring some of my favorite and the most effective core exercises. 
  • Learn how to properly perform the movements to active your core throughout the workouts (AND everyday movements!)
  • I will provide optional modifications for each exercise to allow you to strengthen your foundation and better your core endurance throughout the week.
  • These workouts don’t require any equipment. It’s all body weight! 
  • Expect a great burn and a lot of fun!
  • I offer this challenge for free to help inspire and motivate you towards a more active and healthy lifestyle. I ask that you stick with it and prove to yourself that you can do anything that you set your mind to!


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Get Excited! The Ab Challenge you have been waiting for!

7 Day Ab Challenge with Jenna!


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